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Urban Milwaukee

“Carinis Boasts Real Neapolitan Pizza”
Forgot the Milwaukee-style cracker crusts. Carini’s La Conca d’Oro offers true Neapolitan pizzas with a crust that’s perfection. …read more>>

The Shepherd Express

“Pizza Comes to Conca D’Oro”
With a green Ristorante Siciliano awning to mark the spot, Carini’s La Conca D’Oro has been a mainstay on the Upper East Side for many years. Recently, the long-running restaurant sacrificed a few tables in the rear for a welcome new addition, a wood-fired pizza oven….read more>>

Online Milwaukee

“Carini’s crafts Neapolitan-style pizza”
After a recent visit to Carini’s La Conca D’Oro to check out the Italian eatery’s new pizza oven and witness the Neapolitan-style pizza preparing process, I am once again convinced that pie making is an art form…read more>>

“In search of the perfect pizza: Carini’s La Conca D’Oro”
My introduction to Carini’s La Conca D’Oro, 3468 N. Oakland Avenue, occurred a few years ago when I was in the area and saw they were open for lunch. With a lot of help from his brothers and other family members, Peter Carini opened his restaurant in 1996, renovating, updating and adding improvements over the years – including a wood burning pizza oven, imported from Naples, Italy last year…read more>>

“Carini’s adds Neopolitan-style pizzas”
Since opening in 1996, Carini’s La Conca d’Oro has offered authentic Sicilian dishes. Soon, it will offer Neopolitan-style pizzas, too. Gregg Carini, whose parents Peter and Jan Carini own the restaurant, serves as the chef along with his father. The restaurant’s new pizza oven – an Acunto Mario from Naples, Italy – heats to 900 degrees and creates what Carini describes as a “lighter pizza” that is traditionally not cut, but rather eaten with a knife and fork or by picking it up…read more>>

“Family owned Carini’s is a neighborhood mainstay”
Oakland Avenue boasts a small smattering of family owned restaurants, one of which is Carini’s La Conca D’Oro, 3468 N. Oakland Ave. Owned for the past 11 years by Peter and Jan Carini, the restaurant is inconspicuously nestled near neighborhood icon Otto’s liquor, and is popular for its open air dining in Milwaukee’s warmer months….read more.>>

Milwaukee Magazine

“Carini’s on Oakland Adds Pizzas to Menu”
The Sicilian joint’s new wood-burning oven gives the place a fresh focus in 2015…read more>>